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Frequently Asked Questions 


What size fan will suit my room?

For rooms up to 400 sq ft, a 52-56 inch fan will be ideal. Small rooms around 225 sq ft will suit a 48 inch fan better.

What does ABS stand for?

ABS is a hardened plastic that is used in aircrafts and Lego. It is very durable and hard wearing, making it perfect for outdoor fans.

Can I turn my light off when I leave a room at the wall switch?

If you have a remote, and you turn the light on via the remote before leaving the room, then when you leave the room you can turn off the light at the switch. When you return, and you turn the light switch on, the light will come back on but not the fan.

Do all DC fans come with a remote?

The majority do, with the exception of our Moto and Esperance fans.

I have two fans in my home and they are both coming on at the same time, how can I fix this?

If you have an AC fan with a remote, you will need to change the DIP switches to a different frequency to the other fan. These switches are located inside the battery compartment of the remote as well as on the receiver unit located inside the ceiling canopy of the fan. If it  is a DC fan, normally you would turn the isolation switch on the wall off on all fans, then for the fan you are pairing, turn the isolation switch back on and hold the power button down for around 30 seconds. Repeat this procedure for all fans.

What does DC mean?

DC stands for Direct Current. In a DC fan, there is a "convertor" that converts the AC current going into your home to DC. These fans run more smoothly, normally have at least a 6 speed remote, and are more energy efficient. They also move the air around the room in gentle breezes, not like an AC fan that you normally feel like you are sitting right under.

Can I use a remote and a wall switch at the same time?

Unfortunately you cannot use a fan wall controller and a remote at the same time.

How do I tell if my fan has an integrated light that can be replaced through spare parts?

If the fan says it has a GX53 globe or takes an ES globe, this is replaceable. There are also some fan lights that are replaceable through spare parts.

What do I do If I need a higher angle than what the ceiling fan allows for?

Cut a wooden wedge the same size as the canopy of the fan. Then cut one side to the angle pitch of the roof with the other side straight and paint it the same colour as your ceiling. You may also need an extension rod to clear the pitch of the ceiling.

How do I reset the pairing of my remote to the fan, especially for the Whitehaven and DC fans?

Turn the power off at the wall of the fan, then turn it on and within around 5 secs of turning it on, hold the power button down for around 30 Secs.

What type of fan is best to use in the bedroom?

A wooden or plastic bladed fan is best to use in a bedroom, as these are quieter materials. A metal bladed fan is best suited in a lounge or living area where there is white noise.

Let an expert install your outdoor ceiling fan?

With our extensive range of outdoor ceiling fans you can easily create the perfect outdoor dining space. You can keep the insects away while also creating a cooling breeze for you and your guests, allowing you to keep using your space all summer. Once you’ve found the perfect outdoor fan for your home, we also offer an installation service to ensure your ceiling fan is installed safely and securely. Head into your local Beacon Lighting store to start  shopping today, or visit our website to browse through our range of outdoor ceiling fans.