1. Choose the right ceiling fan size for the most effective cooling

With our biggest fan release ever, Beacon Lighting has fan sizes to suit small rooms such as bathrooms, studies and kitchens, medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms and dining rooms, all the way up to large rooms or open-plan spaces such as master suites and living areas.

We recommend measuring the size of the room as this dictates the size of the fan you need. The larger the room size, the longer the length of the blades will need to be to ensure sufficient air movement. 

Fan Size Recommendations
Room size ft² Fan size (inches)
Up to 75 ft² 48"
76 - 144 ft² 48" - 52"
144 - 225 ft² 56"
225 - 400 ft² 56" - 80"

2. Choose a ceiling fan specifically designed for alfresco or coastal areas

Much like indoor rooms, a ceiling fan in outdoor areas creates a relaxed ambiance while keeping the area cool on those scorching days and humid nights. An added bonus is that the breeze created by the ceiling fan deters flying insects. While you can install a ceiling fan in covered decks, porches, gazebos and verandas, it’s important to choose a fan designed for outdoor use. Our extensive range of outdoor ceiling fans includes models that are specially made to withstand the rigors of salt air, humidity and airborne chemicals such as chlorine. For these settings, browse fans with ABS blades.

3. Before purchasing a ceiling fan, measure the height of your ceiling

For maximum cooling and safety, your ceiling fan blades should hang at least 300mm from the ceiling, with at least 2.1 meter clearance to the floor. If your ceiling is higher than 3 meters from the floor, you’ll need a downrod which is optional with all Beacon Lighting ceiling fans. For lower ceilings (think study nooks or bedrooms), choose a hugger ceiling fan.

With cutting-edge designs, colors and sizes to suit every room and every budget, you'll find your perfect fan online at Beacon Lighting.